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The Income Secret Nobody Told You About

Jan 17, 2020

This is what it looks like when opportunity comes knocking.

The kind of opportunity that comes along once every decade. The kind of opportunity experienced investors wait for.

And like all new opportunities, this one won’t last forever. In 3 years from now, it will be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. In 5 years from now, everyone will be doing it.

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How to earn 20% on your money (part 3)

Dec 13, 2019

Part 3 of a free series on how to earn 20% on your money each year using options.
Sound impossible?
Former hedge-fund manager and options market maker on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange proves that it can be done.

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The Secret Bull Market in Your Bathroom

Dec 12, 2019

There’s been a secret bull market happening right under your nose.

This powerful bull market looks ready to roar into 2020

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How to Earn the Income You Need for Retirement (Part 2)

Dec 06, 2019

Part two of a free series on how to use options to boost your income, by Ed Pawelec, a former hedge-fund manager and options market maker on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

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How to Earn the Income You Need in Retirement (Part 1)

Nov 26, 2019

Options master Ed Pawelec gives a tutorial on how to earn more money on your portfolio using options.

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The Small Biotech Scaring Big Pharma

Nov 07, 2019

It really is the biggest “hidden” opportunity on Wall Street. You see, while everyone else has been focused on crypto and pot stocks, we’ve been focused where no one else was looking: the biotech sector. As a result, we’ve had a different biotech stock taken over every 42 days… I’m truly grateful to be able … Continue reading “The Small Biotech Scaring Big Pharma”

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China has become our Frankenstein monster…

Oct 14, 2019

The geniuses in Washington told us that the more China traded with us, the freer they would become. It wouldn’t be long before the Communist Party melted away and, in its place, sprung a Jeffersonian Democracy.

Turns out they had it all backwards…

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“Where you gonna go?”

Oct 03, 2019

Where you gonna go? That’s the question I’ve asked myself as the market has sold off in recent days. Are you gonna go into 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds? They’re yielding 2.085%. Imagine that. You get 2% a year for lending the government money for 30 years! Not unless you have to. Where you gonna go? … Continue reading ““Where you gonna go?””

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The last picture I could take on 9/11.

Sep 11, 2019

I remember that day being crisp. The kind of fall day that lets you know summer isn’t coming back.  I was dressed to impress that morning. My best suit. I had an 8:30 meeting at the building next door to the New York Stock Exchange. A firm I was trying to do business with. For … Continue reading “The last picture I could take on 9/11.”

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NOTICE: Your debt is forgiven.

Aug 14, 2019

Don’t believe in miracles? You may start after reading what happened to a small group of lucky Canadians.

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