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The Secret Bull Market in Your Bathroom


The problem is you just don’t know it’s there. You can’t recognize it. But that’s understandable. It’s not your job to recognize it.

But there is a whole industry of people whose job it is to recognize it. Yet very few people on Wall Street are even talking about it. It’s like nobody can see it.

Every day, stockbrokers, CNBC hosts, and financial analysts wake up and presumably brush their teeth first thing in the am. And yet they still can’t see it. All they see is cannabis, crypto and FANG stocks.

Yet right in your medicine cabinet, there’s been a secret bull market that’s given us huge gains this year.

And the bull market is all about the revolution happening in the drug industry.

I’m going to use prostate cancer an example since it affects one in six American men and I’m on the verge of entering my fifty’s.  

Right now, if you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer your doctor might prescribe a drug like Pfizer’s Minipress to help.

Minipress opens the blood vessels of the prostate so blood could flow more easily. As a side note, it’s the same drug used to treat high blood pressure.

But like all drugs, MiniPress is a chemical compound. And taking it means you’re putting something with a chemical structure into your body.

Now the first thing you hope for when taking any chemical-based medicine is that it works.

The second thing you hope for is that the side effects aren’t overwhelming. And finally, if all the above check out you pray that you don’t develop a tolerance for the chemical and it stops working.

And if the medicine you’re prescribed doesn’t work you have to contemplate the worst-case scenario which is chemo and then surgery. Or, sometimes surgery then chemo.

Each new option is an order of magnitude worse than the last one. 

With few exceptions, that’s the way medicine has worked for the better part of the past century. Doctor diagnoses a problem then prescribes a drug and you call it a day.

But in recent years, we’ve decoded cancers genome. We’re now beginning to understand its molecular biology.

Think about it: since the dawn of time, cancer has known how to attack us on a cellular level…

…But now for the first time in human history, we know how to attack it on a cellular level.

Instead of dropping a chemical “dumb bomb” on our own immune system, we’re able to drop precision-guided “smart bombs” on cancers own immune system.

The good news is that now there’s a whole new class of medicines that allow us to do just that.

And those medicines are made by these tiny and unknown biotech companies.

That’s where all the innovation these days. It’s because Big Pharma cut R & D spending dramatically in the past decade to boost profits.

These tiny biotech’s are basically Big Pharma’s old R & D departments!

And buying these tiny biotech’s has paid off big time in 2019.

We’ve booked profits like –

The  300% gains we saw in one day with ChemoCentrix soared on strong results…
The  240% gains we’ve seen with Krystal Biotech…
The 148% gains we saw with Array Biopharma…
The  91% gains we saw when Tesaro was taken over 63 days after we recommended it…
The 78% gains we saw when Loxo was taken over 3 days after we recommended it…
The 129% gains we saw with Casi Pharma in 60 days….
And the 99% gains we saw with Mirati in 58 days….

See what I mean by “Secret Bull Market”? It’s like nobody knows about it!!!

And guess what?

The opportunities just keep getting bigger as more advancements are made. How?

Because every year, scientists are decoding the genome for an ever-greater numbers of diseases.

For example, on September 10, 2018, a tiny Cambridge biotech firm won a patent on a new kind of treatment that can “Cut & Paste” any disease from your body.

When it comes to cancer, it’s like this tiny biotech invented the iPhone while Big Pharma is still selling flip-phones.

It’s such a revolution in the way we treat disease –

  • The Nobel Prize Committee is calling it “The Holy Grail of Medicine” 
  • The Wall Street Journal reports the company is “transforming medicine.”
  • 60 Minutes reports the company is “revolutionizing the search for new drugs.”

Investor’s Business Daily estimates the market is worth at least $75 billion market.

But right now, its stock price is just a tiny fraction of that size.

That’s why it’s our #1 Biotech Stock for 2020.

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