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The Small Biotech Scaring Big Pharma

It really is the biggest “hidden” opportunity on Wall Street.

You see, while everyone else has been focused on crypto and pot stocks, we’ve been focused where no one else was looking: the biotech sector. As a result, we’ve had a different biotech stock taken over every 42 days…

I’m truly grateful to be able to share my passion for biotech stocks with you (and I hope you’ve made some good money!).

But today, I thought I’d take a moment to discuss where this big merger wave is coming from.

It all started back in 1990 with the Human Genome Project (HGP), the international scientific research project dedicated to mapping the human genome.

One of the many big benefits of the HGP was that for the first time ever, scientists were able to identify mutations linked to different forms of cancer.  It wasn’t long before they began to design new medications to address them.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

Currently, 75% of all drugs to treat cancer are old chemical drugs. For example, the most popular drug to treat Leukemia is Cytarbine. Well guess what? Cytarbine was patented in 1960!

A lot has changed in medicine since 1960!  That’s why the side effects are horrendous. They include bone marrow suppression, vomiting, diarrhea, liver problems, rash, ulcer formation in the mouth, and bleeding.

Many of you know first-hand what I’m talking about. Going through chemo yourself or watching a loved one go through it is brutal. Absolutely brutal. This is what they mean by the expression “the chemo will get you before the cancer does.”

The good news is that that’s now the “OLD WAY” of fighting cancer.

Ever since the HGP, scientists have begun to develop molecular profiles of both the patient and the actual cancer. And they’ve been creating treatments based on those profiles. Precision-medicine.

Now we have a whole “NEW WAY” of fighting cancer.

How does that make this such a golden opportunity for takeover investors? It’s simple…

Worldwide spending on cancer therapies was about $140 billion in 2018, according to the American Association of Cancer Research.

$105 billion, or 75% of that money was spent on the “OLD WAY” of treating cancer. $35 billion, or 25%, was spent on the “NEW WAY” of treating cancer.

Well guess what? Those numbers are about to flip.

It won’t be long before 75% of all money for cancer therapies are spent on the “NEW WAY” of fighting cancer.

It gets even better…

Right now, Big Pharma (Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Glaxo, Bristol Meyers, etc) owns the “OLD WAY” oncology market. They have it locked down.

But a new crop of small biotech companies is developing the “NEW WAY” oncology market.

And guess what? Big Pharma has to buy Small Pharma if they want to keep their place in the market.

That’s why we’ve been able to rack up such great gains riding this wave –

Pfizer bought “NEW WAY” firm Array Biopharma last month for $48 a share, a 144% gain from our recommended price of $18.90.

Glaxo bought “NEW WAY” firm Tesaro in March for $74.96, a 93% gain from our recommended price of $38.41.

Eli Lilly bought “NEW WAY” firm Loxo Oncology in January for $234.66, a 78% gain from our recommended price of $131.02.

Illumina bought “NEW WAY” diagnostic firm Pacific Biosciences for $8, an 82% gain from our recommended price of $4.38.  

And the deals promise to continue, which is why we’re so bullish on biotech.

“The Buck Stops Here.”

Dylan Jovine


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