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Trump is Right About this Company

Apr 24, 2019


That’s how Roman Senator Cato the Elder finished every speech he gave in the Senate during Rome’s fight with Carthage for mastery of the Mediterranean.

Carthage was the established power. Rome was the rising power. Rome wanted the number one spot and after a 118-year struggle they got it.

How does our struggle with China end?

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Coming Soon: More Pain than the 2009 Financial Crisis

Mar 12, 2019

There is a vocal and growing group of economists who are saying there is no need to really worry about our nations debt anymore.

We put that theory to the test.

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China, the Fed and Your Portfolio

Dec 06, 2018

1. Is the market dropping because of fundamentals or fear?
2. Will the fed raise rates?
3. Are rising rates impacting car and home loans?

Answers to these questions and more in this weeks article.

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China vs. America: The Biggest Threat We Face (Part 3)

Nov 21, 2018

China isn’t the biggest threat facing the United States. Not by a long shot….

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China vs. America (Part 2)

Nov 15, 2018

The year is 2025. It’s November 15th – exactly seven years from today.  North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has grown significantly. But as long as they develop their weapons discreetly, the United States looks the other way. They are too significant a pawn in the great power competition with China.  The Philippines are no longer … Continue reading “China vs. America (Part 2)”

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War with China Over Trade Deficit

Nov 09, 2018

The national security implications of letting China control the basic technology that governs our entire cellular network infrastructure are dire. For example, China could shut off our entire communications networks in the event of a conflict.

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