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Lunch Costs How Much?!?

I just got back from a little vacation with the family. We visited the Great Smokey Mountains. I’ve travelled much of the world and I’m always amazed at just how much there is right here in this great land. Places like Rock City, Tennessee. Check it out.

Another thing that amazed me was how expensive an average lunch was. Just an average lunch was $50. I’m talking about eating at an average American restaurant in the middle of a city like Chattanooga, TN. Two adults, no alcohol and two young children eating off the kid’s menu! It’s like $50 is the new $20.

And that made me think about how hard it could be for some folks to live on a fixed income these days. Whatever you saved is really worth half of what you thought it would be.

That’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s what motivated me to send out a survey last week from Chattanooga. I asked our members what we should launch first: an income or a private equity service. So far, results are fairly even.

Let them fight it out.

The bulls and the bears have been fighting the past week. A new level is being debated. When the market swings like this, that’s what it means.

What are they debating? Earnings, economic growth, China, interest rates…The usual stuff. The same stuff every market has debated since the beginning of time.

Where does the market go from here? I’ve never spent too much time trying to answer that question. I’ve always taken a bottom-up approach to investing and focused on finding good companies selling for less than they’re worth. Judging by our performance over time, it works.

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