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How to Promote One of Your Employees

Jul 13, 2017

Do You Have Questions on How to promote one of your employees…

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What I Do When I’m Having Trouble Making a Business Decision

Jul 10, 2017

Here is what I do when I’m having trouble making a business decision.

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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

Jul 05, 2017

You can’t manage what you can’t measure…

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Everything You’ve Learned About Writing a Business Plan is Wrong.

Jul 03, 2017

Everything You’ve Learned About Writing a Business Plan is Wrong. Start by answering these 2 questions and the rest will come into focus.

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How to Choose an Outside Marketing Firm

Jun 27, 2017

I want to give you some tips on how to choose an outside marketing firm.

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What Business Gods do You Worship?

Jan 31, 2017

Business doesn’t suffer fools gladly. One thing it wont tolerate for long is someone who doesn’t understand that the main objective of any business is to earn the highest return-on-invested capital (ROIC) for the longest period of time.

That’s why I believe the “ZEUS” of the BUSINESS GODS is – and always will be…


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The 1st Question to Ask Before Hiring A Marketing Director

Mar 20, 2015

The marketing director. Perhaps the single most important hiring decision you’ll make as CEO of your start-up. Hire the right marketing director and you’ll look like a genius. Hire the wrong one and you won’t even know what hit you.

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